Beneath the Mask

There are always people who come and go in all of our lives.  Day to day, year after year.  People grow and change, but deep down they have something unique.  That unique part is what keeps us coming back.  Sometimes it is their ability to always turn a bad situation into a good time.  Or no matter how much you actually keep in contact you can pick up exactly where you left off.  The drive to earn all that you have and inspire others that they can do the same.  Being spontaneous and squeezing every ounce of every moment to create memories that will last a lifetime.  These are but a handful of women that have left a mark on my soul forever.  They are amazing and I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.IMG_6882-1 IMG_6873-1-2 IMG_6889-9 IMG_6859-1 IMG_0170 IMG_0171-2 IMG_0175 IMG_0194 IMG_0308 IMG_0335 IMG_0329 IMG_0335-2 IMG_9888 IMG_9905-2 IMG_9900-2 IMG_9880-4

I was only able to capture half of the incredible women for my project last year.  I will make every effort to get you the rest as soon as possible.

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Don’t steal my stuff!

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Mr & Mrs Lighthill


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Maria and Jose

Such a beautiful day to get married!



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Challenge Me

I was originally supposed to post this New Years Day, but work got the best of me and I was tucked away in bed before my thoughts made it to the computer. So here it goes!

I want to first thank from the bottom of my heart all of my fantastic supporters. Without you I wouldn’t be here today. Opening my own small business was pretty scary for me, but having so many of you suggest I should really encouraged me during the process. Also I would like to thank all of my wonderful clients. You continue to amaze me everyday and fill me with new ideas and fantastic memories. I just don’t think I could ask anything more from this adventure!

So a few of you know I got into photography because of the college professor who said “Anyone can get lucky and snap a good photo, so you will have to work hard to get an A from me.” The challenge was presented to me and I took it head on. I wasn’t going to be considered “lucky” and ended the class with an A. That class not only taught ne how to use my camera and darkroom, but to look at life and capture what I feel through my viewfinder. I was forever inspired.

Since class if obviously over and my full time job prevents me from going to school, I need your help. I need a challenge or two. I also need your help with some personal challenges I have always wanted to do.

One of them is a project I call “Who is Underneath?” I have 4 lovely gals on board for this already and if you would like to be a part of this let me know. I love the feeling and look of the masquerade ball. There is something mysterious about it that I need to capture. I won’t actually be doing the photos for a few months so there is no rush to get a hold of me.

And alas I need a challenge. I would like my trusty friends to challenge me. Give me what you got. I am ready!

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Hailey and Ella

All I can say is I miss being a little girl who loves to dress up!  Hailey was so excited it was hard to make sure I got a picture of her in every outfit!  She is so great with her little sister.  She wanted little Ella in almost all of her pictures.  How cute is that!  And I hear that she wants to do it again soon!  Awesome!

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Adventures in the snow!

Lori wanted to take lovely pictures with the men in her life.  We had the awesome idea to take them in the snow.  As JR drove us up the mountain he was as skeptical as we were that we weren’t going to find snow…  Until he stops the truck and picks the perfect spot!  After a few costume changes and wet clothes we really had an awesome time.  I hope they are as happy as I am with what I have to show them!

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Merry Christmas!

I got a quick little phone call from my cousin Amber wanting to take pictures of the little ones in her life.  Only little Paisleigh is hers, but she will have so much fun playing with these girls when she gets bigger.  We had a lot of fun.  This day wouldn’t have happened without my special last minute box wrapping assistant Kasey.  Also a big thank you to Pat who helps me realize day to day why I do what I do!  Enjoy!

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